About the Proteach Project

Alarming numbers of beginning teachers (BTs) leave the profession within 1-3 years, while many remain in the system but become demotivated. The transition from education studies into teaching is often difficult, largely due to mismatched expectations. 

In Israel, despite the importance assigned to teacher training and induction programs, high teacher dropout rates persist. More...

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November 12-17, 2018

International seminar in Israel (coordinated by Kaye college) & PMB

February 2019

Study visit & PMB in Austria

June-July 2019

Closing international seminar- Israel 





Recent news

Porteach Visit to Exeter March 2018- 2nd Week

All the Proteach partens took part in the 2nd study week in the University of Exeter between the 18 and the 23rd of March 2018. The meeting took place at the graduate school of education. st. Luke's campus and included meetings and lectures with Begining teachers in their induction period, mentors and lecturers. 

The main topics discussed were: 

Proteach Visit to Exeter March 2018- 1st Week

The 1st week of the visit to Exeter had just ended, followed by a stormy weather and a lot of snow that covered the city of Exeter. 

The participant enjoyed an intensive study week, tours, lectures and conducting directed tasks in schools. 

The main topics of the week were: 

Designing the Dream of Teaching Together at the Laqiya Incubator

Laqiya Incubator for beginner teachers designs the dream of teaching together; interns, beginner teachers and mentors working in full harmony for designing and fulfilling this dream. They discussed the future of the beginner teachers from the personal and the professional aspects as well as their future as teachers and as a community of beginner teachers. 

Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Southern District at the Kaye College

The meeting of the steering committee of the southern district was held on February 25, 2018 at the Kaye College. The participants were school principals, educational coordinators for beginner teachers, supervisors of professional development, schools supervisors, the director of the Pisgha project in Rahat, the head of the Kaye College, the staff of the induction unit and representatives of the evaluation department. 

The Teaching Induction Conference

On the 8th of February, 2018 the Ministry of Education, represented by Dr. Sara Zilbirshtum- the head of the induction program in the state of Israel, organized a conference in the topic of the Induction period in the Israeli system of education that was held in the Kibbutzim College of Education.